Claudia Bueno

Claudia Bueno is the business owner of Bueno 4 Health & Life Insurance. She received her master’s degree at Lynn University in Educational Leadership. Since arriving in the United States in 1992 she has strived to serve the Brazilian community. Claudia speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish ​​to better serve our diversified market. Claudia is passionate in her desire to assist others in their personal quest to become successful.  She adds her charisma and intelligence guiding our customers to understand the complexities of the American health insurance marketplace for those requiring simple health plan through the unique complexities of Medicare. Claudia has broadened the focus of her agency to include within our mission those who live in the United States without documentation but who need quality solutions for their healthcare needs. Claudia is concerned with ensuring her clients receive individualized treatment and are treated in a professional manner. She derives satisfaction in knowing that her clients have made the right choice for their current situation. Claudia was born in Sao Paulo, and currently lives in Boca Raton.  In her spare time she enjoys sunsets on the beach. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, going to the gym, and playing basketball with her son.