Richard Uchoa

Richard Uchoa is a health and life agent of Bueno 4 Health & Life Insurance. He received his associates at Palm Beach College. Richard speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish to better serve Florida’s diverse market. Richard was a professional soccer player, living in Brazil for three years, he witnessed a lot of health issues in his profession. Being an immigrant in Brazil he realized that there exists a free health program for all, something that does not exist here in the United States. When he returned to the United States he decided to work with his mother, adding to our team a younger generation with new visions understanding this side of our community and worrying about the well-being of our neighbor. Born in Boynton Beach, Florida. Lives in Boca Raton. Richard in his spare time has a group where he assists the community in well-being with his RU Fit Challenge. In addition to being an athlete Richard loves animals, in his spare time he enjoys cooking and demonstrating his talent in healthy eating, as well as enjoying his family.